writing on margins

You always order me something and I always gave it to you. You became completely crazy when you felt that I was far away from yo and I always built those bridges that made you feel me closer. As far as your side. Anxiety, necessity, you didn’t allow me breath any momento because the best thing that we could do is stay together. What a good idea. And one day I got up in a really bad way and a car splashed my morning  and I had to redo my self. But this time without your help because you weren’t. Because you didn’t want that I would find you. Suddenly I knew: I was always alone. I didn’t want to see it, I am not going to tell you a lie. Everything destroyed in pieces around me and you weren’t there. And was in this moment when my ”it was enough” filled my glass. Full of lost battles, full of things that I have to reproach to me. But you weren’t with me and for me doesn’t matter, it’s the healthies things that could happen because we were killing each other. Little by Little I started to finish with this crazy dependence that I had with you. With this thing that linked us. We needed to stop and look each other for know what was what we really needed and what were we losing.

Laura Lozano



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