Starting again

Life is about taking decisions from the morning until the end of the day. What am I going to dress today, which way is shorter to arrive, what am I going to cook for dinner. Life is selecting. Life is discovering that the person that is with you maybe is not able to bring you anything new, life is waiting for this person to change, life is keep hoping until your patience would be finished. Life is picking out with all the possible freedom. Life is not chains or strings. Life is starting again and again. Life is nonconformity, adaptation, change. Life is keeping on although if you have a storm in front of you that are getting you wet from the top of your head until your feet. Life is be strong. Life is predisposition. Life is about gaining strength every times that you are your to get up. And if you have someone to count on, it will be better. Life is the result of all of your decisions when you are able to know what, how and with whom. And if I would be you I would ensure that who are with you are the good ones.

Life is getting lost and finding yourself again.

Laura Lozano



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